Question: Why did you choose to become a criminal defense attorney?

Answer: My name is Adam Welch. I am an attorney at Tracey Wood and Associates. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 2007. I have specialized in criminal defense throughout my career. I have extensive experience defending and trying traffic cases and criminal cases of every variety.

When I started in law school, I thought I was a pretty good writer and I was good at figuring out legal issues and things like that, so I figured I would eventually end up at some boring job doing a lot of reading and writing and hopefully making some money, but not really doing anything terribly exciting. I quickly figured out that there was this whole other world out there where there were a lot of people with real problems that I could actually do something about.

So once I started doing this I realized that all I really wanted to do was to be able to get up in front of a jury with somebody who was really being screwed over by this big machine of cops and prosecutors and judges and wanted to be able to get up in front of a jury, in front of real people and tell them my client’s story. And with this job I get to do this with one person at a time and go say to this big impersonal system, “You know what? You’re not going to screw over this person.” So that’s why I’m in criminal defense. I don’t want to do anything else; it’s great.

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