Question: Can you discuss the law on coerced confessions in the wake of the Brendan Dassey 7th Circuit Court Decision?

Answer: At the 7th Circuit, Brendan argued his confession to the murder and rape was not voluntary, therefore he should be released. The 7th Circuit Court of Chicago reversed the habeas corpus decision of the District Court that had set him free. The 7th Circuit found that Brendan’s confession was free and voluntary and the police who interrogated him had not acted inappropriately when they questioned him.

The decision is controversial since Brendan was a minor who had a low IQ, which indicates he is more susceptible to agreeing with police’s suggestions that he had done the crime. Many people also had an issue with the interrogation by police. Police told Brendan that he wouldn’t get in trouble if he told the truth and they suggested answers they wanted to hear.

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