Question: What should someone do if he or she learns they are being accused of or charged with a sex crime in Wisconsin?

Answer: A person should immediately talk to an attorney. Do not make any statements to others, whether they are friends or family or anyone else. Do not try to talk to the alleged victim or accuser. And definitely do not make any statements to police or to any type of investigator if they are wishing to ask questions. Ask for an attorney. Even posting something on social media— which is really common these days—whether it’s just saying, “It didn’t happen,” or “This is ridiculous” or anything can have consequences you do not necessarily expect depending on what happens in the future.

Sex crimes can really often lead to harsh and lasting penalties and it has to be taken seriously even if it seems initially like there shouldn’t be any charge or this accusation seems ridiculous to you, you have to take it very seriously. Contact an attorney and get it taken care of appropriately.

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