Question: Can you discuss the general structure of the court system in Wisconsin?

Answer: The state court system in Wisconsin is set up so that it has various tiers. And at the lowest level is municipal courts, and those handle only minor civil issues along with some traffic tickets. There are some OWI first offenses that end up in municipal court. Then there is the circuit court system, which is the main court system for the state. In that, each county has their own circuit court set up and that is, like I said, the main system for the state. From the circuit court—and you have to be in the circuit court and have a decision in a case—then you can appeal that decision if you’re unhappy with it to the court of appeals. That’s the initial appellate court. From the court of appeals, then there is the Supreme Court, and the Wisconsin Supreme Court takes only certain specific cases. But that’s the general system.

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