Question: Should I hire an attorney if I am guilty of a crime in Wisconsin?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. An attorney, for one thing, can mitigate either the charges or the punishment that’s pending against you. So even if you are guilty of something, that doesn’t mean that you need to take the maximum penalty. Often there are a range of penalties that are possible. Sometimes an attorney, even if you feel that you have done something wrong, can get a lesser charge and a lesser sentence. An attorney can speak for you at sentencing and put forth your viewpoint in legal terms that a judge can apply to your case and to your sentence. And there are also times that you may feel that you have done something wrong or that you’re guilty of a crime, but an attorney can identify a defense that you may be able to apply to your case, even if you feel you’re guilty. So there are a lot of reasons to have an attorney look at a case, even if you think you might be going down on it.

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