Question: How long will it take for my federal crime case to be resolved in Wisconsin, either through a plea deal or trial?

Answer: That can depend on many factors, including what type of case it is, whether there are any co-defendants in the case, how long it takes to complete discovery, and how much material there is—how many reports and other paperwork there is to read in discovery. All of those are going to play a factor in how long it takes a case to be resolved. There’s also big differences in between different courts in the federal system. So, for example, a case in the Western District of Wisconsin Court will generally take a much shorter time to be completely resolved, whether it’s a trial or a plea, than a case in the Eastern District of Wisconsin simply because the relative busyness of the court and the way that they handle criminal cases. The Western District of Wisconsin really pushes a fast docket, meaning that they proceed very quickly, the case will be resolved much more quickly, even if it does go to trial, versus the Eastern District of Wisconsin where they have a larger number of cases and it tends to take longer to resolve those cases, especially if you are going to have a trial.

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