Question: How do you handle a Wisconsin sex crimes case when it comes across your desk?

Answer: Primarily I handle sex crime cases when they first start up and throughout like I do with all the other serious criminal cases that come across my desk. There’s a lot of preparation, a lot of reading reports, gathering information. There is some additional investigation and workup that we usually do in sex crime cases fairly early on; it always depends on the case. You have to look at the details. But a lot of times we’re looking at some further investigation of potential issues that we can raise. So that does come along. But every case requires different issues. Other than that, I would say the primary difference between serious sex crime cases and other serious felonies are the emotions and the nature of the subject. People get emotional about it and we have to be sensitive to that in court as well as out of court. And there are times where there is special care in the media that we need to be paying attention to how those issues are being raised and addressed there.

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