Question: Is stalking a felony in Wisconsin?

Answer: Yes, stalking is a felony in Wisconsin. There are some various levels; the statue can be differentiated. A basic stalking, as we’ve discussed, is a Class I felony. There are some circumstances that can lead to a couple of different twists on it. Basically, if the person who is alleged to be the victim of the stalking has been a victim of domestic abuse or sexual assault by the same perpetrator and that perpetrator has been convicted of that domestic abuse or sexual assault against that person, then only one act is required before stalking can be charged and be proven.

Another twist: it can be a higher level. It’s a Class I felony, but it can be a Class H felony or a Class F felony if the person who is alleged to be the stalker has prior convictions and there are some additional circumstances; that can include circumstances about the type of stalking or if there’s any kind of actual violence or harm that occurred, then that can increase the kind of felony that can be charged.

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