Question: What are the penalties for robbery in Wisconsin? Possible defenses?

Answer: So robbery, generally speaking, can be charged as just robbery, if there are some enhancements that are also possible if it involved trying to conceal one’s identity, or a weapon, or a threat, it could be. But generally you’re looking at either a Class C felony, where the maximum penalty is 25 years of imprisonment, or a Class B felony, where the maximum penalty is 40 years of imprisonment. So those are very significant. Robbery is basically taking something from a person, from the presence of a person or from their person themselves. And so the defenses are often, again, that it was not you, it was someone else; that it was, there was no intent to do that, it was some sort of misunderstanding or a mistake. It really can, in those situations, depend on the circumstances, but there are many possible defenses.

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