Question: What are the potential outcomes of a sex crime case in Wisconsin?

Answer: The outcomes of a sex crime case in Wisconsin really depend on the level of the sex crime, the facts, and so many other factors that come into play. But there can be outcomes ranging from participation in a diversion program where there’s no conviction to any kind all the way up to a felony conviction, which some of the convictions for felony sex crimes carry lifetime sex offender registration and even mandatory prison time that goes up to 25 years as the minimum mandatory prison time.

And everything in between. So you could have misdemeanors, which carry the potential for some shorter jail time, maybe some probation, things like that; felonies that don’t have a minimum prison time, but expose you to the possibility of prison; or lengthy probation on a felony sex offense is pretty intense. So all of those things are possible, depending on the particular sex crime in question.

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