Recent Success Handling Appeals in Wisconsin

Answer: We’ve had quite a bit of recent success in appellate and post-conviction matters. We recently handled a case where a client was convicted of sexual assault of a child for allegedly touching that child in a classroom where the client was an aide. In a post-conviction motion, we argued that his trial attorney was ineffective for failing to investigate medical records, which would have provided a defense in the case, and for also failing to call experts to testify at trial. We did get the trial court to agree our client received ineffective assistance of counsel. The trial court ordered a new trial and further ordered our client released from prison immediately.

Also, we won another case recently on ineffective assistance of counsel grounds where the trial attorney didn’t challenge whether a cell phone should be considered a computer in a case where a client was charged with using a computer to facilitate a sex crime. In that case, the prosecution actually agreed with our argument and the conviction and sentence were vacated.

Another case we had recently on a habeas action, we were able to get the appellate rights reinstated where an attorney failed to properly start the appellate process. So we were able to get the client back the ability to appeal, even though it was close to two years too late. I could go on and on, but the point is that many cases can be reopened or reversed on appeal; it’s our job to find a way to do so.

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