Question: Can you discuss some of your recent sex crime case wins in Wisconsin?

Answer: We’ve been pretty successful in getting cases deferred or dismissed on sex crimes recently. We’ve also had some motion wins where we’ve challenged the admissibility of statements that were made to various people, whether those could be used in the case against. We have had some success in getting the court to look at additional records and determine whether those can be used in court. Specifically in a lot of sex crimes, we’re looking at the victim and their truthfulness and some indication of whether they might be lying in some respect about what they’re reporting. And occasionally we can win a motion to dig into their history: their mental health history, their treatment records occasionally. Those types of records often contain information that is very useful for us when we’re looking at whether a victim has been truthful or not and what we can do with the case. And we’ve had some big wins in that area recently.

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