Question: What Is Stalking Under Wisconsin Law?

Answer: In Wisconsin, a person is charged with stalking if they intentionally engage in a course of conduct which is directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person in those circumstances to suffer serious emotional distress, or to fear bodily injury or death to him or herself or to a member of their household.

The interesting thing about that of course is the “course of conduct” and what does that mean, exactly? And the statute actually gives us direction and it indicates that a course of conduct is two or more acts directed at one person— they can be carried out over either a long period of time or a short period of time as long as they are clearly part of the same idea about this person or toward this person. And examples the statue gives, which would be one or more of these acts in a course of conduct, is: to maintain visual or physical proximity to the person; to approach and confront that person; to go to the workplace or contact any co-workers or employers of that person; to go to their home or to contact their neighbors; to enter property owned, leased or occupied by that person; to contact that person by phone or to cause their phone to ring repeatedly or continuously; to use photography, video, audio, any kind of other electronic available devices, regardless of where it is, to keep track of or to photograph or otherwise record that person; to send material to that person, to a member of their family or their household, to an employer, a coworker or a friend, or to have someone else do that.

All of those are examples of things that can be part of the course of conduct that can lead to a stalking charge. So that is generally considered stalking in Wisconsin.

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