Question: How will I know if bankruptcy is a good idea for my situation?

Answer: You really need to consult a bankruptcy lawyer on what your situation is and whether it is appropriate for bankruptcy. You need to look at your assets, your debts, your income and then compare what the outcome of your situation is going to be with a bankruptcy and without a bankruptcy. And, again, an attorney can counsel a lot on the timing, which is a big issue in bankruptcy—both because the timing of the debts that have come in, whether there’s future debts that you want to wait to make sure that they’re captured in the bankruptcy.

Also sometimes there’s issues of money that’s been received if you’ve gotten a gift even from a family member in the last six months, that may need to be declared and repaid potentially or paid toward debt. So an attorney can counsel about not only your situation, but when the appropriate time is to file a bankruptcy.

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