Question: What are the requirements for child safety seats in Wisconsin?

Answer: The child safety seat requirements in Wisconsin are pretty specific, actually. And they’re broken down, not only by age but by weight of the child. So all children under the age of eight must have an appropriate safety restraint system. And it starts at one year old or less and less than 20 pounds, then the requirement is a rear-facing child seat in the back seat. Obviously this only applies if a car has a back seat. But rear facing is required under those circumstances. Then, once a child is at least one year-old and at least 20 pounds but less than four years old and less than 40 pounds, they have to sit in the back seat still, but they can have a forward-facing child safety seat. And then the next step up is if they’re older than four years old and more than 40 pounds but less than eight and less than 80 pounds, then they can have a child booster seat. No matter what age they are, once a child is at least 57 inches tall, they no longer need a booster seat or any other restraint other than a regular shoulder belt. Interestingly, none of these rules apply in school busses, taxi cabs, or if a vehicle is not required to be equipped with safety belts. So there are some circumstances where children are not required to be restrained.

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