Question: Can you discuss the crimes against sexual morality that are found under Chapter 944 of Wisconsin law?

Answer: Chapter 944 of Wisconsin law has some of the stranger, I would say, sexual morality crimes. There are many of them that actually are not really used a lot anymore. I would say that adultery, it’s pretty well known that that doesn’t get charged out. It is technically still a criminal offense to commit adultery, but it is not something that gets charged criminally and has not for many years—I think it made news the last time they actually charged that one out. But it also includes prostitution, soliciting prostitutes, keeping a place of prostitution, things like that. There’s some lewd and lascivious behavior, indecent drawings, obscene performances, things like that. It’s fairly rare; I would say the lewd and lascivious behavior is actually where we see the charges coming for the most part, if someone is acting inappropriately in public, in some sort of a sexual manner, then it is generally going to be charged as lewd and lascivious behavior, and then we look at it in that context. The majority of the other crimes are not very common. Prostitution obviously is a problem in some areas and that can be charged as well.

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