Wisconsin Sex Crimes Statute of Limitations

Question: What is the statute of limitations for sex crimes under Wisconsin law?

Answer: So, generally in Wisconsin law, any prosecution of a felony must be started within six years of that crime being committed. That applies to all felonies across the board except for specially stated ones. There are certain sex crimes against children where the charges may be brought until the victim reaches the age of 45. The higher level child sexual assault issues can be raised from the time that they occur up until that victim reaches the age of 45. Otherwise, the lesser felony child sexual assault or other sex crimes would still generally fall under the six-year rule, so they have to be prosecuted within six years. However, there is some special limitations if there’s anytime during which a victim is unable to pursue a complaint because of either threats or statements from the therapists—if the therapist has been involved in any way—then that time is excluded from the statute of limitations.


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