Our Mission: To Empower, Educate, And Defend Those Charged With Criminal Offenses In Wisconsin And Achieve The Best Possible Outcome For Their Case.” – Tracey Wood

Stellar Case Results for Clients

Our firm is known for having cases reduced and dismissed. You deserve a future without a criminal record.

You Get A Team Of Attorneys

We have a team approach, which gives you access to all of the attorneys at the firm.
We pride ourselves on successful outcomes for cases that seem unwinnable.

Madison, WI Immigration Lawyer

Immigration is a complex area of law.  Navigating immigration laws can be difficult on your own. Immigration issues can have a long-term impact on your life, your family, your finances, and your career.

We Empower And Educate You

At Tracey Wood &Associates, we empower and educate our clients at no cost.  We also provide free, no-obligation consultations that will leave you with more options and information to help you with your situation.  After this consultation, we will begin devising a strategy for your immigration case.

At Tracey Wood & Associates, our immigration attorneys are strong advocates for our clients. We work tirelessly to investigate your situation, gather paperwork and information to support your legal needs, and tell your story.

We have experience in many branches of immigration law, including:

  • • The immigration and naturalization process
  • • Criminal charges
  • • Acquiring visas and spousal visas
  • • Becoming a citizen
  • • Asylum seeking
  • • Expatriation
  • • Appealing immigration decisions


A Team Approach

At Tracey Wood & Associates, you get the support of not just your lawyer but a whole team of lawyers working on your behalf to successfully resolve your immigration matter.

Best-Selling Author and Speaker

Founder Tracey Wood is a bestselling author of legal books and is frequently called upon to speak about her expertise on legal issues.

Award-Winning Firm

We’re proud to receive awards and recognition for our work in Madison, Wisconsin, but our proudest moments come when we help our clients achieve the best outcomes in their immigration cases.

Media Coverage

Local and national news media regularly request input from our attorneys about high-profile cases.

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