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My blood alcohol tested higher than I thought it should have been. I really didn’t want a criminal record. The attorneys at Tracey Wood & Associates were straight with me. They made no unrealistic promises. They only promised they would fight as hard as they could to have the case removed from my record, and they did. Thank you so much to everyone at Tracey Wood & Associates.

I was a ball of nerves facing my third DUI offense. Penalties would have included big fines, a long drivers license suspension, an ignition lock, alcohol assessments and classes that would have cost a lot of money, and time in prison. I was nervous it would have cost me my job. Thankfully, the attorneys at Tracey Wood & Associates made sure none of that happened!

I would recommend Tracey Wood & Associates to anyone. I was treated wonderfully. The outcome of my DUI case was much better than I could have hoped. The whole staff is supportive and accommodating. After I hired the firm, I was able to stop worrying. I knew I was in good hands. They were informative and responsive throughout the case. They took care of two municipal cases related to my DUI. All of their services were covered under one affordable fee. I am so thankful for the whole team. Thank you so much, Tracey Wood & Associates!

I had the attorneys at Tracey Woods & Associates help me with a very sensitive matter. They took care of the issue respectfully and professionally. They kept me informed every step of the way and gave excellent counsel and advice. They worked proactively on my case. If you need high-quality legal assistance, I would recommend Tracey Wood & Associates – you will be in excellent hands.

Working with Tracey Wood & Associates was an excellent experience. I was going through one of the worst struggles of my life. They calmed me down and talked to me like a friend would. They explained everything and made sure I understood the process. In the end, things worked out better than I could have hoped.

My attorney at Tracey Wood & Associates was fantastic. They answered all my questions quickly, responding right away. I am so grateful that they kept me updated throughout the process. They explained the possible outcomes and my chances. I would recommend them even if we hand not won, but we did! Thank you Tracey Wood & Associates!

Thank you to Tracey Woods & Associates for the excellent service and professional counsel. We are very thankful for what our attorneys accomplished. We are completely satisfied with their services and grateful for their care and confidence. May God bless you and give you strength to serve your clients in the future.

Legal troubles are overwhelming and confusing. The whole team at Tracey Wood & Associates were great to work with. They calmed me down and gave me confidence through every step of the process. Going to trial can be complicated and intense. Everyone at Tracey Wood & Associates was so on top of everything, which put me at ease. I could not have hoped for a better team.

Tracey Wood & Associates is without a doubt the best law firm in the whole state. They are very caring and reassuring in their treatment of their clients. They will fight hard for your rights and livelihood. I recommend them whole-heartedly above any other firm.

I was facing multiply felony charges and being accused by a friend in jail who said it was all my fault. I looked around for an attorney and found Tracey. I was obviously very worried and had millions of questions. The team answered all of my questions and were always in touch over phone or email. They kept me calm throughout the process. Legal issues are overwhelming. If you are facing legal problems, call Tracey and her team. They didn’t make any false promises, just provided outstanding service. I would definitely recommend them if you are facing legal trouble.

I absolutely chose the best law firm to defend me. The lawyers at Tracey Wood & Associates convinced the district attorney not to go to trial. Ultimately my charges were dismissed. I will always remember how grateful I was when I found out. Thank you to the whole team at Tracey Wood for their tireless work on my case. If you are facing legal trouble, I completely recommend them.

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