Sexual Assault Defenses in Wisconsin

Sex crime accusations are humiliating and emotionally fraught. There’s no way around that. Your reputation and your livelihood are at stake. You probably have a million arguments in your head that prove your innocence, but the best way to approach your defense is to explain every detail of your case to an attorney you trust. The attorneys at Tracey Wood & Associates will evaluate a number of defenses and determine the best possible strategy to clear your good name.

Defense Strategies for Sex Crimes

There are a few basic ways to defend a sex crime accusation. First, you can attempt to prove that the alleged sexual act did not occur or, second, you can attempt to prove that you had consent from the accuser or that the accuser is being dishonest or untruthful about what occurred. A third more technical way to defend a sex crime is to prove that the charges are outside of the statute of limitations, that is, that the accused crime occurred far enough in the past that it cannot be tried.

Building a Strong Defense in Sex Crime Cases

In addition to the basic defenses listed above, the attorneys at Tracey Wood & Associates will build a case for your character and your side of the story. Often, in older cases where there is not strong tangible evidence, it’s your word against the accusers. In some recent cases, the attorneys at Tracey Wood & Associates have been able to win motions to examine the history and motivations of the accuser’s to determine the truthfulness of their statements.

If you’ve been accused of a sex crime, reach out to the attorneys at Tracey Wood & Associates to start building your defense.


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