Second-Degree Sexual Assault in Wisconsin

Second-degree sexual assault is even more broadly defined than first-degree. Understanding this definition is important if you are accused of sexual assault. It can be humiliating to face these charges, but a conviction can have life-long consequences.

What Is Second-Degree Sexual Assault?

Second-degree sexual assault is a felony charge and is defined as:

  • • Using threats of violence to force sexual contact that causes disease, harm, or mental suffering requiring psychiatric treatment.
  • • Sexual contact without violence but aided by another person. This could include sexual contact with a severely intoxicated, mentally ill or unresponsive person; by a caregiver with a patient; or by a guard or officer with an inmate.
  • • Sexual contact with a child younger than 16 that does not include violence or does not result in injury.


What Is the Punishment for Second-Degree Sexual Assault?

Second-degree sexual assault is a Class C felony. It can carry penalties of up to 40 years in prison and/or a $100,000 fine.

How Will My Lawyer Defend My Case?

Building a strong defense of a sexual assault case begins by developing a narrative. The attorneys at Tracey Wood and Associates understand that some charges can be falsified or overstated. They will thoroughly investigate your case and search for all relevant evidence and testimony to build an accurate narrative that illustrates the motives and details of the case for the jury.

Sexual assault accusations should always be taken seriously, but unfortunately, they are not always reliable or truthful. The lawyers at Tracey Wood and Associates will work tirelessly to protect your future. Contact us today to discuss the details of your case.


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