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Gibson Hatch

Trial Attorney

Attorney Gibson Hatch is an experienced trial attorney in all areas of criminal defense. He has represented clients through all stages of the criminal process and has represented clients charged with everything from misdemeanors to sexual assault.

Attorney Hatch attended Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, as an undergrad where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science. He attended law school at the University of Wisconsin Law School where he received a Juris Doctorate in 2020.

In law school, Attorney Hatch worked at the Legal Assistance for Institutionalized Persons legal clinic where he did Post-Conviction Work including drafting Sentence Modifications and Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Claims. After law school, Attorney Hatch worked for the Wisconsin State Public Defender’s Office as a trial attorney in Columbia County.  During his time there, Attorney Hatch represented clients in misdemeanor and felony criminal proceedings, as well as juveniles and mental health commitments.

Attorney Hatch strongly believes that everybody needs and deserves representation when their liberty is at stake. The legal system can be daunting, and he believes that a defense attorney’s role is to provide expert guidance through the entire process. Attorney Hatch takes pride in his ability to connect with clients and pursue the best possible outcomes in each case. The criminal justice system judges individuals based on the worst moments in their lives. Attorney Hatch strives to make the system more equitable and fair by fighting diligently for every client.

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