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Our Mission: ”To empower, educate, and defend those charged with criminal offenses in Wisconsin and achieve the best possible outcome for their case.”Tracey Wood

Wisconsin Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Tracey Wood & Associates is now offering legal case evaluations over Skype and other related video conference platforms.

Regarding COVID-19 - Getting People Out of Jail

For people who are particularly vulnerable during the virus crisis, we have been filing a motion for emergency release. Other motions our firm has filed, or are in the process of filing for vulnerable clients who have been in prison a while, are motions based on a compassionate release or sentence modification motions based on the new virus being a new factor in their cases.

There is no way around it—being arrested for a criminal charge is an intimidating experience. For those who aren't familiar with the court system, the legal process can seem foreign, and a successful outcome may feel hopeless. However, when you have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side, what now seems like a daunting task can become possible.

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Proactive Defense Strategies

When fighting a criminal charge, preparation is the key. A defense attorney can launch an investigation into your case to get ahead of the prosecution and police—rather than waiting to see what evidence they have. When your lawyer has uncovered evidence favorable to your defense, this not only reduces the need to go to trial, but could also improve your chances of a beneficial plea deal or dismissal of charges.

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Personal Support

In addition to the embarrassment associated with an arrest, there is also a sense of anxiety. A good attorney knows this and is there to discuss the situation with you. Working with a law firm that values personal and compassionate support means that difference between worrying about your case and being empowered because you know exactly what is being done to fight the charges.

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At Tracey Wood & Associates, our legal team is dedicated to providing aggressive defense to stay on top of your charges. We know the courts, we are a firm known to bring new and innovative challenges to police arrests, and we have the experience necessary to ensure your rights are protected. In addition to handling criminal cases, our attorneys also have a proven success record when it comes to appealing previous convictions.

For advice on how to proceed, we invite you to schedule a case evaluation via our online contact form or to give us a call toll-free today.

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