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Madison, WI Hate Crimes Lawyer

In Wisconsin, when a criminal act is designated as a hate crime, the charges and penalties increase. This is known as a “penalty enhancement.” As such, retaining an experienced defense lawyer is critical in arguing your case. A hate crime designation means the crime was committed for reasons of ethnicity, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

At Tracey Wood & Associates, we know that simply because a crime is committed against a person(s) of an identifiable group, class or protected class, it does not make the case a hate crime.

Hate Crime Defense Strategies

When we represent a client accused of a hate crime, we believe no case is unwinnable. We research all aspects of the case to develop a sound defense. Some typical strategies include:

  • • Wrongful accusations – Proving you did not commit the accused act or that you have a reasonable alibi can exonerate your charges.
  • • Motive – The burden is on the prosecution to prove that your acts were based on bias. Proving that your actions were not hate-based could lessen your charges.
  • • Free speech – Arguing that your actions are protected by the First Amendment can be a strong defense in certain cases, especially if you did not threaten violence or if you did not act on a threat.

Why Us?

The attorneys at Tracey Wood & Associates believe our clients’ stories deserve to be heard in court. We investigate all aspects of a case to find the strongest defense strategies for our clients. Being charged with a hate crime is a serious offense with increased penalties, but your case is not hopeless.

Contact us today to schedule a free and no obligation review of your case. We can start planning your defense strategy today.

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