Our Mission: To Empower, Educate, And Defend Those Charged With Criminal Offenses In Wisconsin And Achieve The Best Possible Outcome For Their Case.” – Tracey Wood

Stellar Case Results for Clients

Our firm is known for having cases reduced and dismissed. You deserve a future without a criminal record.

You Get A Team Of Attorneys

We have a team approach, which gives you access to all of the attorneys at the firm.
We pride ourselves on successful outcomes for cases that seem unwinnable.

Wisconsin Criminal Defense Fees

Both the direct and indirect costs associated with a criminal conviction can add up over time. For this reason, many people consider hiring an attorney to defend them against their criminal charges to be an investment in their future. The consequences of a conviction extend far beyond the fees and penalties associated with a sentence—just having a criminal record can make things like applying for jobs more difficult, having a significant impact on your back account.

Costs Associated with Criminal Defense

Attorney fees can vary from firm to firm. While there are some offices that charge lower rates, they often make up for this by taking on a large volume of cases; making it almost impossible to provide personalized support. The attorney may even encourage you to take a plea deal (that is, pleading guilty to your criminal charge in exchange for a slightly reduced sentence). The end result? You are out the attorney fees and still walk away with a criminal record.

Legal fees can also differ on a case-by-case basis. For example, do you have prior criminal convictions on your record? Were you charged with an aggravated offense? In these cases, your attorney may have to do some more preparation to effectively defend your case.

Our Legal Fees

Our firm focuses on criminal defense. Because we understand the work that goes into defending a criminal case, we are able to offer flat fees for our representation. This means that you will be told—upfront— how much your case will cost. No unexpected surprises when the bill comes.

Tracey Wood & Associates has cultivated a superior reputation within the legal community over the years, and our fees are in line with our years of experience and skill set. Although we don’t offer the low fees you would find at a volume-based firm, we can offer you aggressive and proactive defense.

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