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Andria Savitch

Trial Attorney

Andria Savitch was driven to become an attorney by her innate desire to help people and her genuine interest in learning about individuals and their unique stories. Having studied Sociology during her undergraduate years, she developed a deep appreciation for the diverse experiences and challenges that people face. Andria recognized that the legal field provided a powerful platform to effect positive change and make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

With her compassionate nature and a strong sense of justice, Andria felt drawn to the legal profession as a means to advocate for those most in need. She recognized that becoming an attorney would equip her with the necessary tools and knowledge to address systemic issues, protect the rights of individuals, and make a tangible impact on society.

Andria’s passion for helping people, combined with her enjoyment of learning about their experiences, became the driving force behind her decision to pursue a career in law. She believes that her understanding of sociology, coupled with her legal training, will enable her to approach each case with empathy and a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved. Andria aspires to use her compassion, legal expertise, and advocacy skills to make a positive difference in the lives of her clients and contribute to a more just and equitable society.

Andria began her education at the University of Wisconsin Madison where she earned a certificate in criminal justice while earning All-Big Ten honors for academics twice.
While in undergraduate school, Andria was active in several organizations all while interning with the Wisconsin State Public Defender’s Office.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin Madison, Andria earned her Juris Doctorate from the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law in Arizona. During her time in law school, Andria earned a Certificate in Trial Advocacy and the Dean’s Recruitment Award.

Licensed to practice in both Arizona and Wisconsin, Andria returns to Wisconsin after successful tenures at several law firms in Arizona to join forces with Tracey Wood & Associates as an associate attorney with a focus on criminal, constitutional, and civil law with a determined spirit to defend her clients and achieve the best possible outcome.

Outside of work, Andria’s life is filled with a passion for animals and an active lifestyle. She finds great pleasure in engaging in outdoor sports, immersing herself in nature, and enjoying the thrill of water activities. Equally important to her is the quality time she spends with loved ones, nurturing her relationships with friends and family. Among her cherished companions, her rescue dog holds a special place as her trusted sidekick, accompanying her on adventurous journeys through life.

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