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Madison, WI White Collar Crime Lawyer

Being charged with a white-collar crime can turn your world upside down. In addition to possible repercussions, your reputation could be damaged from the allegations alone. However, you have rights and the power to fight back against these allegations. Working with a defense attorney who knows how to handle white-collar crimes is the best place to start. At Tracey Wood and Associates, we want to help you tell your side of the story. No matter how detrimental the charges may seem, there is hope for your case.

White-Collar Crime Defenses

You have the ability to fight back again white-collar crime allegations. Work with an experienced attorney to come up with a defense strategy that works best for the circumstances surrounding your case. Some common defenses may include:

  • • Prosecution’s argument is flawed
  • • There was no intention of committing the crime
  • • The defendant was unaware that a criminal activity was taking place
  • • The plaintiffs and victims are also guilty and cannot seek restitution
  • • The defendant was coerced or forced to commit the crime
  • • Entrapment took place
  • • The defendant had the incapacity or inability to comprehend the nature of the criminal acts
  • • Being intoxicated at the time the crime took place could mean the defendant was not in full control of his or her actions

White-Collar Crime Case Wins

Case: Our client was charged with embezzlement and fraud. After speaking with the prosecutor and learning that there were many defenses to the case, the prosecutor decided to drop the charges.

Result: No charges filed

Case: Our client was charged with fraud. The prosecution was unable to prove intent, and the charges were dismissed.

Result: Case dismissed

Case: Our client was being investigated for federal wire fraud. After working with the prosecutors, we were able to get the case dismissed and the client avoided conviction.

Result: Case dismissed

Case: Our client was charged with bankruptcy fraud. The client was facing allegations of hiding assets and failure to report income — in the millions of dollars. Our attorneys worked to secure a favorable deal where the client served a short period of time behind bars before being granted probation.

Result: Deal reached with minimal jail time in a federal case

Why Us?

Because white-collar crimes are often serious offenses, you need the best defense strategy possible for your case. We understand that facing criminal accusations can be stressful, but we want to provide hope. At Tracey Wood, we pride ourselves on successful outcomes for cases that seem unwinnable. To get started today, give us a call so we can set up a free, no-obligation consultation.

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