Best Selling Book on Amazon – A Cup Of Coffee With 10 Of The Top DUI Attorneys In The United States

What should I do if I’m pulled over? What is the right thing to say to an officer if I’m questioned about drinking? What happens if I refuse a breath test? Is it smart to accept a plea bargain? How can I fight my charges?

Through conversations with 10 of the leading U.S. DUI attorneys, Tracey Wood’s book A Cup of Coffee With 10 of the Top DUI Attorneys in the United States answers these questions. Being pulled over and charged with an OWI/DWI/DUI is a high-stress experience that can lead to substantial consequences to your life and livelihood. Learn exactly what to do and say if you’re pulled over to avoid charges and set yourself up for the best chances of success if you are charged. Chapters cover everything from finding a lawyer to common OWI defenses to dealing with stress and regaining hope for your future.

Tracey is committed to giving back and has donated all royalties to help children around the world.

5-Star Review Rated:

This book is awesome!! Very informative. Everyone could benefit from reading it!” – Dr. Martha M

This is a fantastic resource. It’s easy to understand – no legalese.” – Audrey B

Lots of great insights!” – Steve A.

Very informational and presented in a logical way.” –  Claire E.

Tracey Wood, Wisconsin native and founder of Tracey Wood & Associates, is a well-known Wisconsin attorney, highly-regarded for her expertise in OWI defense. She has practiced OWI law since starting her career in 1993 and is frequently asked to speak at legal conferences and contribute to legal publications across the country.

“Not Guilty” – A Guide for Defending Criminal Cases

Criminal charges are contested and dropped every day with the right preparation.
In this e-book series, Tracey Wood explains how to fight criminal charges in court.

Cases are won and lost by the amount of preparation that goes into them. Wood covers how to investigate cases by collecting evidence and witness testimony immediately after you are arrested. She also discusses how to find cracks in the prosecution’s armor before ever setting foot in a courtroom. When you are better prepared than the prosecution, you hold the power in court. If you want to have your charges dismissed or reduced, this digital guide is a great resource to help you prepare for a strong fight.

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