First-Degree Sexual Assault in Wisconsin

Sexual assault is a broad term that applies to many different situations. Similar to other crimes in the United States, it has a concise and specific legal definition. Understanding this charge is of vital importance if you are accused of sexual assault.

What Is First-Degree Sexual Assault?

First-degree sexual assault is a felony charge. Legally, it is defined as:

  • • Sexual contact or intercourse without consent in a way that causes pregnancy or bodily harm to the other.
  • • Forced sexual contact with another person under threat of physical harm from a weapon.
  • • Sexual contact without consent that is aided or abetted by another person and is forced by means of threat of physical harm.

As a Class B felony, a conviction for first-degree sexual assault can mean up to 60 years in prison.

What Happens in Court for Sexual Assault?

If you are facing sexual assault charges, an experienced legal team is of the utmost importance. The attorneys at Tracey Wood and Associates understand how to present their clients’ sides of the stories. Narratives are an important part of the legal process because they can help define motives and illustrate circumstances of the people involved. In this type of case, the jury’s understanding of the narrative can be the difference between significant prison time and an acquittal.

How Will My Attorney Build My Case?

Beyond the narrative, there is almost always evidence that can change the case. The presence of a witness who can testify to the defendant’s innocence as well as critical pieces of physical evidence, for example, can make a major difference. Tracey Wood and her team work tirelessly to find strong evidence to exonerate their clients. From physical evidence to witness testimony, everything that can help will be used in court.

An experienced attorney will review every detail of your case to make the best possible defense of a sexual assault accusation.  Contact Tracey Wood and Associates for a confidential case evaluation.


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