Question: What is discovery in an OWI case in Wisconsin?

Answer: Discovery in an OWI case in Wisconsin is going to be any police reports that are generated. In any OWI case, there’s certainly going to be the report from the main officer. Sometimes there are secondary reports from back up officers or other issues like that. Oftentimes there’s a video that’s going to be available from the squad vehicle or from the officer himself. Oftentimes there’s audio, again, that is available. We’ll look and see what the dispatch information is, we can get that directly from the dispatch center. If there’s a 911 call or any other kind of call like that, that’s going to be part of it. The analysis of the blood analysis, if there’s a blood test or the information on the breath testing machine that is used is discovery that’s available in Wisconsin. Generally speaking, that’s what we’re looking at. If there are any special circumstances in the case, if there’s any injuries or if there’s any other issues, we’ll be looking for any discovery that would be related to those specific issues as well.

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