Expungement in Wisconsin

If you have been convicted of a crime in Wisconsin, it might be possible to get your case expunged. This process can help you move on by removing the court record of the conviction. If you are looking to get your conviction expunged, it is important that you work with an experienced attorney from the very beginning.

How Expungement Works

When a case is expunged, there is no longer a court record of your conviction. This can help you move on from the case, but it doesn’t eliminate all records. Although the court system will no longer have your record, the police department could still retain it.

Expungement Process in Wisconsin

If you are eligible for expungement in Wisconsin, then at the time of your sentencing, your lawyer will request it. Once expungement is requested, the judge has to consider whether it’s in your best interest, and in the best interest of society as a whole.

If the judge decides it’s appropriate, then the he or she will order that the case be expunged once you complete your sentence. Once your sentence has been successfully completed, including any probation time served and all fines paid, the case will automatically be expunged.

Crimes that are Eligible for Expungement

Wisconsin law severely restricts the type of cases that are eligible for expungement. For example, you must have been under 25 when the crime was committed to be eligible. In addition to this requirement, there are a couple types of cases that can be considered for expungement. This includes:

  • • Misdemeanors
  • • Some non-violent felonies with a maximum sentence of six years or less and no prior convictions


How We Can Help

If you think your case is eligible for expungement, it is important to contact a lawyer who has experience working on cases similar to yours. At Tracey Wood & Associates, our attorneys have dealt with expungement numerous times and are happy to help you with yours. To get started, give us a call today.


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