Question: What are the penalties for a first offense OWI in Wisconsin?

Answer: A first offense OWI in Wisconsin has a range of penalties. If a person is convicted, there’s a minimum revocation of the drivers license of six months and a maximum revocation of nine months. There is a minimum forfeiture of money of $150 and a maximum forfeiture of $300. Upon conviction, an alcohol and other drug assessment is required. That’s performed in the county that you live in and that assessment, usually, they will recommend follow-up treatment. That follow-up treatment has to be completed within one year of the assessment. In addition, if your test result, if you have a test result, either breath or blood or if you refuse a test, there is a requirement that an ignition interlock device be installed in your vehicle for 12 months. The refusal itself, if you are found to have unreasonably refused to provide a test, that carries a penalty of a 12-month revocation of the drivers license, the ignition interlock device and a $50 forfeiture payment.

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