Foods that Raise Blood Alcohol Level in Wisconsin

Question: Are there foods or substances other than alcohol that can raise a person’s blood alcohol content in Wisconsin?

Answer: A person’s blood alcohol content can, only in very, very strange medical circumstances can anything other than alcohol raise somebody’s blood alcohol content. There are some situations where someone’s normal processing of alcohol to remove it from their system can be delayed, so that their alcohol concentration remains the same for a longer period of time or does not fall as quickly as what one would expect under normal circumstances, but in order for the alcohol concentration to be raised in the first point, it generally requires actual alcohol. There are some things that contain alcohol that people might not think of, like vanilla, or some other household products that do actually contain a significant amount of alcohol. If those are not used in cooking such that they heat up and burn away all of the alcohol prior to ingestion, they could raise the alcohol concentration. But for the most part, you can’t get a very high alcohol concentration without ingesting a significant quantity of alcohol.


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