Impact of Medical Condition on Wisconsin OWI BAC

Question: Are there any medical or other conditions that can impact the results of a BAC test in Wisconsin?

Answer: Yes. There are several medical conditions that can impact both a blood test and a breath test. Those are different in each case. There have been studies that show that a person who has diabetes is more likely to have certain types of bacteria in their blood. If the blood is not stored and cared for properly while it’s in the tube after collection, there can be a pretty significant increase in the amount of alcohol that’s reported out of that blood because it actually ferments some in the tube. And that has been shown to be much more likely when a person has diabetes; although, mishandling of blood can lead to that result in any case. There are also other issues that may not be medical, but can impact the blood. People who have a heavy industrial job or who have had contact with industrial materials can sometimes, that can sometimes affect the blood test result as well. Breath tests, it has been shown that there are certain physical issues—if a person has a fever and some other issues like that—that can raise the reported value, even though the alcohol in the breath is not anymore, but the machine will report a false high number.


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