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Under Wisconsin law, armed robbery is different than robbery in that the robbery involves the use of a weapon or threatening to use a weapon. Armed robbery carries serious punishments in Wisconsin. A conviction could result in up to 40 years in prison and fines up to $100,000.

Armed Robbery Defenses

Armed robbery laws can change, and your attorney should be up to speed on the most recent regulations. Working with an experienced attorney is your best defense against the serious charge of armed robbery. Some possible strategies include:

  • False accusations – Proving that you are not the person who committed the crime can be a strong defense. A reliable alibi or a way to prove witness testimony to be false are both tactics your lawyer could use.
  • Force or coercion – If you were forced to commit the robbery by threat of violence, your lawyer could argue you committed the crime under coercion.
  • Proving some element of the charge as false – Armed robbery charges stipulate that you stole something with intent from another person in their presence using violence, threats of violence, or a weapon. Your lawyer may be able to prove one or more of these stipulations false.

Armed Robbery and Burglary Case Win

Charge: Burglary

Tracey Wood & Associates took on a client convicted of burglary and won a new trial on appeal by arguing the client’s original attorney did not represent the client effectively.

Result: New trial granted

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