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Our Mission: ”To empower, educate, and defend those charged with criminal offenses in Wisconsin and achieve the best possible outcome for their case.”Tracey Wood

Madison, WI Arson Lawyer

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If you’ve been charged with arson, the team at Tracey Wood & Associates is here to help. We thoroughly investigate all cases. With arson in particular, an independent investigation is often necessary. With our attorneys in your corner, you can have hope in the knowledge that we will do everything in our power to fight for you in court.

Defending Against Arson Charges

The fire department and investigators for insurance agencies want to resolve cases quickly. Sometimes that means evidence can be left uncovered. Working with a lawyer to thoroughly review the details of your case is critical to protect your rights. Your lawyer will advise you on the best strategy to fight the charges against you, including:

  • Proving you had no motive to commit the arson
  • Establishing an alibi
  • Introducing evidence that proves your innocence
  • Proving the arson was accidental

Why Us?

At Tracey Wood & Associates we believe no case is hopeless. Arson cases are more complicated than other insurance claims. Additional investigations may need to be conducted beyond the scope of what local or state fire departments and insurance claims agents typically do. Going up against arson charges alone can be a disaster. The attorneys at Tracey Wood & Associates will listen to your side of the story and follow any and all leads to prove your innocence in court. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-consultation review of your case.

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