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Our Mission: ”To empower, educate, and defend those charged with criminal offenses in Wisconsin and achieve the best possible outcome for their case.”Tracey Wood

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One of the biggest things that the government protects is its citizens’ right to their own property or money. Fraud is a crime in the United States that involves that unlawful seizing of another’s property, usually through theft or deception.

Fraud In Wisconsin

Put simply, fraud is deceiving someone for personal gain. This can be applied to numerous situations.

  • Impersonating another to person to trick someone into giving you something.
  • Committing to pay for dinner or a service like a taxi ride only to leave without paying.
  • Forging checks.
  • Writing worthless checks.

These are just a few of the situations that can be applied, but all of them have the same deceit at the core.

If the amount of money involved is less than $2500, it will like be handled as a misdemeanor. With a case involving more than $2500, the charges likely become felony charges.

Defending Your Rights and Innocence

Tracey Wood is an experienced attorney who knows how to handle many different kinds of cases. With fraud, the case can change massively depending on the circumstances of the charge. A good defense means adapting to the specifics and finding a good explanation. In many cases, arguing that the fraud was unintentional can at least lessen the charges.

Recently, Tracey Wood & Associates was able to defuse a fraud case in the pretrial process, simply by explaining the possible defenses possible. Our team has been able to show numerous clients did not have the requisite intent for a fraud conviction.

Contact Tracey Wood today to learn how she and her team can fight for you.

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