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Substantial battery is one type of battery charge. It means “substantial” harm was caused by an act of violence. Examples of “substantial” harm include broken bones, injuries that require stitches, or blows that cause loss of consciousness. Even if you didn’t intend to cause this severity of harm, you can still be charged with substantial battery.

How to Defend Against Substantial Battery Charges

Understanding your side of the story is the first step in building a strong defense. Your attorney should investigate all aspects of your case to determine the best strategy. Some common defenses against substantial battery include:

  • Self-defense – Proving you were protecting your safety or the safety of others can be a strong argument in court.
  • Defense of property – Showing that your property was being threatened and you responded with a minimal amount of force is another strategy.
  • Consent – Proving you had consent would cause the charges to be null and void.
  • Wrongful accusations – Proving you did not commit the battery could result in charges being dropped.  

Battery Case Result

The attorneys at Tracey Wood & Associates were able to uncover inconsistencies in witness testimony and introduce new evidence that cleared the client’s name of all felony battery charges.

Result: Charges dismissed.

Why Us?

At Tracey Wood & Associates, we empower our clients with education and believe no case is lost. We want our clients to be hopeful about their case because we will never stop fighting for them. We pursue the best possible outcomes for all of our clients, no matter the charge. That strategy starts with listening to their side of the story. To schedule a free, no-obligation review of your case, contact us today.

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