Our Mission: To Empower, Educate, And Defend Those Charged With Criminal Offenses In Wisconsin And Achieve The Best Possible Outcome For Their Case.” – Tracey Wood

Stellar Case Results for Clients

Our firm is known for having cases reduced and dismissed. You deserve a future without a criminal record.

You Get A Team Of Attorneys

We have a team approach, which gives you access to all of the attorneys at the firm.
We pride ourselves on successful outcomes for cases that seem unwinnable.

Tracey Wood & Associates named one of the “Top Three DUI Attorneys” by the Wisconsin Law Journal in the 2021 Reader Rankings.

Tracey Wood was named one of the “Top Three DUI Attorneys” by the Wisconsin Law Journal in its 2021 Reader Rankings survey. The Wisconsin Law Journal is a news and information resource for lawyers, judges, and administrative staff in the state.

“Tracey Wood said of the award, “We are so thrilled to be named one of the top DUI attorneys in the state. Thank you to my entire team for their hard work. It is an honor to be recognized and respected by the legal community and in the general public as one of the most trustworthy and reliable firms in Wisconsin.”

Awards and recognition are always welcome, but Tracey Wood credits her success to helping her clients achieve favorable outcomes in court and get their lives back. Her long history of five-star reviews and positive case results speaks to her commitment to her clients.

If you are facing charges, reach out to Tracey Wood & Associates today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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