Question: What are the penalties for a felony sex crime conviction in Wisconsin?

Answer: So, a felony sex crime can, again, really cover the range of activity from something that is, while a felony, something that might be considered a fairly minor behavior that doesn’t, that really carries a lesser penalty. So, the lowest level felony in Wisconsin, there’s a prison term or imprisonment that can be up to 18 months, so fairly lower level. But if you go all the way up to a class, you know, there can be sex felonies that are Class C, B, even Class A felonies, and those do carry very significant periods of time of imprisonment. You’re talking, with a Class C felony—many sex felonies in Wisconsin are Class C felonies—that would be up to 25 years in prison as a possibility. Class B would be up to the 40 year maximum. There are also some felony sex offenses in Wisconsin; there’s some child sex offenses that would include a 25-year mandatory minimum prison sentence. So those can be very, very significant and have to be dealt with very carefully.

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