Removing Name From Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry

Question: How can someone have their name removed from the Wisconsin sex offender registry?

Answer: In Wisconsin, if the conviction for which the person is required to register is somehow eliminated—for example, by a successful appeal of the case—then the requirement to register will also be removed. So, if the conviction remains on the person’s record, they generally will have to continue registering until the applicable time limit has been met.

There is the possibility to apply to the court for an exception, under very limited circumstances. Those circumstances are if the conviction is for certain crimes involving a minor and the case did not involve the use or threat of force, and the case did not involve a minor under age 12 and if the defendant was 18 years old or younger and within four years of the age of the victim. Finally, the court would have to determine that public protection does not require that the offender register. If all of those conditions are met or if they may be met, you can talk to an attorney to file a petition with a court.


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