Sex Crimes that Require Registration in Wisconsin

Question: What sex crime convictions require a person to register as a sex offender?

Answer: Generally speaking—so, the sex offender registry requirement in Wisconsin is a very complicated statute. It is very lengthy, and it has a lot of detail to it, and some very, what may seem like strange provisions. But in general, it’s fair to say that, if it’s a felony sex crime, the likelihood is that there will be some requirement to register as a sex offender in Wisconsin. Whether that is a 15-year requirement, a lifetime requirement—that may be something that still needs to be looked at. But, in general, most all felonies do require some sex offender registry. Some misdemeanors have that requirement, but most often, the misdemeanors, it is allowable for the judge to order some amount of sex offender registration, but it is also allowable for them to not order that. So that is something that would be negotiable or something that you could argue to the judge as whether that sex offender registration should be required in those cases.


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