Sex Crimes Wisconsin Section 940.225

Question: Can you discuss the varying degrees of sexual assault under Wisconsin Section 940.225?

Answer: So that is the most comprehensive sexual assault statute in Wisconsin, and it does cover everything from a fourth-degree sexual assault, which is a very minor, it’s a misdemeanor, and it would include something like touching someone inappropriately in a bar over the top of their clothing. So that would, under 940.225, that’s a fourth-degree sexual assault, it is a misdemeanor. Ranging all the way—so there’s a third degree, a second degree, and a first degree—each requiring some additional level of either a younger victim, or an assault in the sense that it is a physical assault, something like that. All the way up to a first-degree sexual assault, which of course is an extremely serious crime that carries very harsh penalties. So that statute covers all of the range of the basic sexual assault crimes in Wisconsin.


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