Wisconsin Drug Laws

Due to the war on drugs, both federal and state governments take a firm stance on drug-related offenses. Potential penalties for a conviction could include jail or prison time and thousands of dollars in fines—even if this is a first offense. Drivers license suspension is also often ordered. Any individual facing a drug charge is encouraged to work with a criminal defense lawyer to mitigate the impact it has on your life.

Wisconsin Drug Offenses

Drug offenses can fall into a wide range of categories, from minor charges (such as drug possession) to more serious ones (manufacturing and distributing). Even having drug paraphernalia or materials that can be used in the manufacturing of controlled materials could result in a drug conviction. Unfortunately, even a minor offense could carry a sentence of one to three years in prison depending on the type of drug. Habitual offenders will see more serious penalties, such as three to 12 years of imprisonment.

In addition to using the type of offense to determine the sentence for a drug conviction, the court must also look as the drug classification (referred to as a “schedule”). Schedule I and II controlled substances (which include LSD, MDMA, methamphetamine, and opiates) are considered the most serious, and carry higher penalties.

Defending Yourself against a Drug Charge

A drug conviction will result in much more than a harsh criminal sentence—you can also develop a criminal record that will impact your future. And, if the charge is a felony, you may lose certain rights that you currently take for granted.

The legal team at Tracey Wood and Associates understands the ramifications of a drug offense, and will use their years of experience and training to fight your case. So that you understand more about your charges—and the potential defenses against them — our firm invites you to submit your questions or schedule a case evaluation via our online form.


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