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What is a Federal Crime?

A federal crime is any offense that is prosecuted in federal court, rather than at the state level. These are serious offenses that are punishable by prison time, fines and a mark on your criminal record.

“Tracey Wood and Associates achieved a great result in my case. I could have gone to prison—instead the team worked to get the charges against me dismissed completely.” –Client K.R.

Types of Federal Crimes

The experienced attorneys at Tracey Wood and Associates have defended clients facing federal offenses including:

  • • Drug trafficking
  • • Gun crimes
  • • Federal DUI
  • • Child pornography
  • • Counterfeiting

“I was charged with felony drunk driving and thought I would go to prison. Tracey made a deal with the prosecutor that resulted in probation and an ankle monitor. I am so happy I chose her to represent me. “ –Client R.S.

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