Wisconsin Homicide Laws

According to the law, taking the life of another individual is considered to be the worst possible crime. Because of this, the penalties for a homicide conviction could result in the loss of freedom for a number of years—possibly the rest of the defendant’s life. However, being accused of committing a crime doesn’t mean that the charge is accurate, so it’s worth working with a criminal defense lawyer who can protect your rights while facing a homicide offense.

Homicide Charges

Homicide offenses include felony murder as well as intentional, reckless and negligent homicide. To prove their case, the prosecution must establish that the offense includes every element of the charge. If each element cannot be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, the prosecution has not met their burden of evidence.

Felony murder charge is a homicide that takes place during the commission of another felony offense (such a taking the life of another while committing a robbery). This offense is classified as a Class A Felony.

Intentional homicide is taking another individual’s life with the intent to kill or injure. If the homicide is premeditated—that is, planned in advance—this is a first-degree offense. If the act takes place in the heat of the moment, this is a second-degree offense.

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With penalties that include anywhere up to life in prison, a homicide conviction can have an enormous impact on your future. At Tracey Wood & Associates, we are proactive and aggressive when it comes to defending clients against homicide charges.

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