Wisconsin Immigration Laws

The United States has long had a history of welcoming immigrants; however, immigration laws are increasingly becoming more stringent. If you are currently the citizen of another nation, but residing in Wisconsin, it’s worth having an attorney on your side who is familiar with immigration laws and can streamline the legal process on your behalf.

Immigration Law

Immigration law encompasses a variety of legal actions, including immigration, naturalization, visas, citizenship and more. If you are interested in living in the United States, an immigration attorney can help you decide which route is right for you (visas vs. green card) as well as assist in the application process.

If you are already in Wisconsin and working, but having difficulties with I-9 employment verification, an attorney can also step in to clear up any problems. This is critical, as any verification problems can render you unable to work until the issue is resolved.

Non-U.S. citizens who are convicted of a criminal offense not only have to worry about penalties, but also deportation to their country of origin. In this case, it’s very important to retain the counsel of a lawyer who is well-versed in both immigration law and criminal defense.

Case Analysis

At Tracey Wood & Associates, our legal team understands the complexities of immigration law, and are prepared to handle the bureaucratic process on your behalf. If you have any specific questions about your situation, our firm invites you to submit them via our online contact form so we can schedule an evaluation.


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