Wisconsin OWI Restricted License after Suspension

Question: How can I obtain a restricted license if my drivers license has been suspended in Wisconsin?

Answer: So, in Wisconsin if you have a Wisconsin license that’s in otherwise good standing—and you have not had a revocation or suspension within the last year—you will be able to go and get an occupational drivers license. That license allows you to drive to work, to the grocery store, to appointments—basically for anything that is not for fun and entertainment. You can’t drive to dinner, you can’t drive to the movies; but you can get your kids to school and you can get to work and go to doctors appointments and things like that. Once you’re revoked, that can become a little bit more complicated. For OWI convictions in Wisconsin—not the first offense but subsequent offenses, second or higher—there’s usually a wait period to obtain your occupational license. It is usually 45 days of wait and then you can get your occupational license. However, there are sometimes special circumstances that can change that, and we would need to look at the driver record and determine what, if any, wait period there is for an occupational license.

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