Wisconsin White-Collar Crime Laws

Although white-collar crimes are nonviolent offenses, the penalties for a conviction are still severe—and can have a dramatic impact on your life. To ensure that your rights are protected at this time, working with an experienced defense attorney is recommended.

“Tracey Wood and her team were supportive throughout my entire case. They worked to ensure that I understood my options and represented me with professionalism. I could not have gotten through this legal crisis without their help.” –Client M.B.

White-Collar Charges

Generally, white-collar crimes are those committed by government officials or business people who take money from other individuals or institutions. The experienced attorneys at Tracey Wood and Associates have successfully represented clients facing various white-collar charges, including:

  • • Computer crimes
  • • Embezzlement
  • • Fraud
  • • Tax evasion
  • • Bribery

“I was arrested for forgery and did not know what to do. I called Tracey Wood and she explained the legal process, assuring me she would do all that she could to get a good result in my case. And she did.” –Client B.L.

Help With Your White-Collar Case

Being accused of a white-collar crime does not mean that you are guilty. At Tracey Wood and Associates, we have helped many clients fight their white-collar crime charges.


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