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“I can’t thank Tracey and her team enough. They went above and beyond to protect my driving privileges, even though I am an out-of-state driver. I highly recommend them.” –Client J.M.

“The team at Tracey Wood and Associates  were supportive and professional. They ensured that I understood my options. I could not have gotten through this without their help.” –Client M.L.

“I hired Tracey Wood and Associates for my second offense OWI. Everyone was so responsive and great. They got the charge reduced to a first offense.” –Client S.T.

“Tracey and her team got the judge to admit that the office should not have administered field sobriety tests. He suppressed the breath test results and I ended up with a fine for an expired registration and no drunk driving charge.” –Client M.R.

“Tracey Wood’s firm represented my felony OWI case. I was sure I was facing prison time, but Tracey made a deal with the prosecutor that got me probation and a bracelet. I am so happy I chose Tracey to be my lawyer.” –Client R.G.

Tracey Wood

"Tracey Wood is an excellent criminal defense attorney. She is dedicated to getting the best results for her clients. She will never quit until she achieves the best possible results from any case. Tracey works very hard to know the law, the judges, the prosecutors in order to win cases." - Attorney Testimonial

"Tracey is an amazing attorney. She knows the law and she knows how to think outside the box to get better results for the client. No one works harder, is more prepared or more knowledgeable than Tracey. No one responds more quickly to clients, courts, staff and anyone else looking for help with their case." - Attorney Testimonial

"Tracey Wood is an excellent attorney. She works hard for her clients and won't rest until the best result has been achieved. Tracey even has a reputation among prosecutors that she can't be stopped." - Attorney Testimonial

"Superb negotiator, very intellignet, great strategist, highly persuasive on her feet in open court." - Attorney Testimonial

“I was charge with forgery and did not know what to do before I contacted Tracey Wood. She explained the process and worked to get me a good result.” –B.R.

“My parents hired Tracey Wood when I was charged with intent to distribute marijuana at age 19. She got the intent charge dropped and I only had to pay a fine for possessing marijuana and did not have to go to jail. Tracey knows how to handle drug cases.” –Client B.N.

“My ex-wife falsely accused me of sexual assault and I hired Ms. Wood to represent me. She went to great lengths to get testimonies from people who knew me and my ex-wife and went through my ex’s testimony to the investigator. Tracey was confident and took my case to trial where a jury found me not guilty. Ms. Wood worked hard and took great care of my case. I don’t think it would have ended so well with any other attorney.”  -Client M.I.

“Tracey helped get my first OWI dismissed. She saw on the arrest tape that the cops made some mistakes. The prosecutor dropped the case against me because Tracey had such good evidence. Thank you for your help, Tracey!” –Client J.D.

“I was being investigated for touching a child inappropriately—something I did NOT do—and hired Tracey and her firm to represent me. Tracey told me that we needed to deal with this before I was charged. She handled it for me and I am very grateful.” –Anonymous Client

“I have a CDL and was charged with OWI after the officer said I was weaving in my lain. Tracey explained that weaving in the lane is not illegal and that I shouldn’t have been stopped. Five months later, all of the charges were dropped and I still have my CDL. She was the best attorney to handle my case. Tracey saved my license and my job.” –Client E.Y.

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